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Leticia Darlina Tanguma

“To me, art is in a person’s glance, laughter, grito, or cry. Art is the interaction between this candor and the universe. My challenge is to reflect truth as I create, whether within beauty or darkness or whether in present tensions or in the echoes of generations. I am guided by love.”


Leticia paints social justice murals, abstract, and representational art. Her most recent murals are for Cross Purpose and the Troy Chavez Memorial Peace Garden

Natalie Pacheco

Natalie She is a wonderful mother to three amazing boys. She has volunteered in schools to give art classes to the students and has also helped out with other outreach organizations in the community. Art is something that she loves and is very passionate about.


She has always been creative and enthusiastic about her art and projects. Her three sons are also following in her footsteps and are drawing like she once did. Natalie encourages everyone to explore painting as it is very therapeutic and relaxing.

Michelle Sanchez

First and Foremost, Michelle is a proud and adoring mama of 1 daughter and 3 sons. Art reflects healing with themes in justice, empowerment of women, and nature, using pastels and acrylic paint. Organized with Mexican Consulate to bring Dia del Nino events to Denver. Believes every child is an artist and helps them to grow in knowing themselves and creativity.


Michelle worked hard to get an education. BA in Political Science and Spanish from UC Denver. M.ED from Arizona State University, and currently working on PHD, University of Denver. Ethnic Studies, University of Colorado. Art featured at Frida Westwood Exhibit and Same Cafe.

Sandra Ruiz

I am a self taught artist, living in Pueblo, Co. Growing up with strong compassionate women.

Painting has given meaning to my life. Helping me to understand our world. It is an essential part of my culture, allows me to have deeper understanding of my emotions and increases my self awareness.

In addition to being a proud Chicana, I am a proud member of the LGBTQ community.

Adelita - Rocky Hernandez
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