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Cositas Bonitas, Marlene member of Ballet Folkloric

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I am from tumbleweeds and tierra mojada
I am from the earth that quakes beneath my naked brown feet

I am from the warm embrace of Tamales wrapped tight with love

I am from Pan Dulce, cafe con leche and glazed donuts from down the block and across the tracks.

I am from tequila fueled fritos and rosary bead prayers

I am from traditions and recipes whispered into my ears by my ancestors

I am from a pinch of this y un poquito de esto!

I am from the divine feminine Angelina, Guadalupe, Rosario, Tonanzin, Malinche y yo.

I am from a family tree with missing branches and colonial secrets waiting to be discovered and set free!

I am the daughter of duality, from neither here nor there trying to stake a claim in the place I stand!

Charlene Ramirez-Mares,
Folklorico Member

Las Adelitas Ballet Folklorico Dance Group


Valerie, Charleen, Jessenia, Marlene, Andrea with 

Amalia Hernandez School Instructor Jenny.

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